Tuesday, 3 May 2011

C25k Week 2, Day 3

Finished day 3 yesterday. I ran two days in a row and I generally try to avoid doing the same exercises back-to-back but the opportunity presented itself so off I went!

I will be doing Week 3, Day 1 tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous for the 3 minute runs. Eeep!

Interesting Find of the Day: Closet Cooking. This is a website that my friend Becky introduced me to around Christmas time. I have browsed briefly and intend to spend more time checking out Kevin's delicious recipes. The pictures are beautiful (stay away if you're a bit peckish!) and a lot of the recipes seem quite wholesome. Of course, there's some delightful surprises in there too, like the recipe Becky originally sent me to see, Lime Meltaways, which I will attempt at some point!

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